You Are Unique and Beautiful

My friend Cindy shared this with me on facebook.  But I know many of you aren’t on facebook so I wanted you to be able to see it too (if you haven’t already).

Remember how beautiful and unique you are.

17 thoughts on “You Are Unique and Beautiful

  1. Hi Maria,

    Thank you for posting this.I think it is wonderful to see how these older ladies are refusing to become invincible in a society that tends to ignore older ladies and expects them to hid away and have no voice or celebrate their creativity through their clothes or accessories.I have entered my 40’s now and I refuse and will continue to refuse to become invisible. I recently was at a checkout and a 17-year-old girl said she ” loved my pink lipstick and where did I buy it because she was going to buy one too”!
    Have a lovely day filled with creativity, colour and love
    Thank you (I am not on Facebook) Leonie

  2. Usually I am in agreement with you and you lift me up when I read you and look at your photos, but oh dear, I just find this little film pure sadness; so much make up, so scrawny (constant dieting) so much time spend in mirror peering and then hoping for attention. I can say this because I am 79 and dress for comfort in a style I adopted many years ago, much as you do. I make my own clothes mostly and look outwards to others, not into myself all the time.

    You are not like these women, Maria, and thank your Gods for it.

    1. What I love about them is their indifference to what other people think Erika and their creativity. To me it doesn’t matter how a person does it, whether they wear makeup or not of how they look, it’s the idea behind it, the individuality and the courage to dress in a way that makes them feel good about themselves. So no matter how that manifests is not the point, but that it does. As you do in making your own clothes and I do in my choices.

  3. I saw this and loved it. It really made me reconsider my closet on those days where I just didn’t feel like I had the strength to make an effort — once you do, you feel so much better.

    If you have Netflix, there’s a documentary on there called Iris, about Iris Apfel, one of the women in Advanced Style. Not only is it interesting, but it’s serious fashion porn if you’re so inclined. 🙂

  4. What a treat! I first heard of the young man who started the blog, later made the film Advanced Style. He was originally from my hometown (San Diego) and I had made note to follow up on the article I read back when (several years ago) but then lost all of my journals and art supplies. So nice to have found this! Such wonderful inspiration to re-start my clothing upcycle work and just maybe finding the means for getting back into making art someday. It’s never too late to start over!

  5. Fabulous! Thank you for posting
    “Style is inborn, like an artist is inborn.” How wonderful. I think one’s own style is about creativity, and happiness, and being free to revel in whatever your own definition of beauty is. What an uplifting video.

  6. Maria, you have been a wonderful inspiration to me as well. Soon it will be do-able for me to re-start my creative life, and I look forward to it. For the moment, I am content to plan, get inspired and to know I shall soon hold needle and thread in hand again. And I thank you, Maria, for showing me this.

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