Linda’s Quilts, A Creative Journey


I put the last quilt for Linda in the mail this week.    Five quilts in all, they’re gifts for her family.  I’ve never had a commission to make so many quilts, but Linda was great to work with.  She gave me complete creative freedom and is happy with the quilts I made for her.

For me, it gave me the freedom to make five quilts and know that they were sold and that I would have a steady, known cash flow for a couple of months.

Creatively, because I made so many in such a short period of time, each quilt informed the next.  Sometimes it was by using a piece of  the same fabric, sometimes it was by doing something completely different.

Some of them came together easily and others I struggled with.

For me, looking at them all together is like seeing them hanging together in a gallery.   Each their own piece, but together they tell a story of a creative journey.



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