“Art Forms In Nature” Slow Days III

A while back Jon gave me a book called  The Invention Of Nature about Alexander Von Humboldt.  Humboldt was a naturalist in the late 1700’s an early 1800’s.  He’s responsible for bringing the idea to the Western world that all of nature is connected.  That the earth is one organism.

He was also a romantic and brought nature to the layman  through beautiful words and drawings that were easy to understand and relate to.

His work influenced so many people, from Goethe to Darwin to John Muir and Thoreau.  We see the natural world the way we do today, because of him.  Even though he is mostly forgotten.

The naturalist and  artist  Ernst Haeckel was also influenced by Humboldt.  He collected and catalogued animal and plant specimens from around the world.  Then he wrote and  illustrated a book about them.  His drawings helped shape the Art Nouveau movement.

A couple of months ago, I found a reprint of Haeckel’s book, Art Forms in Nature at Battenkill Books.

It was that book and my Language of the Goddess book that I used today to influence the drawings on the body of my goddess.  I combined images from both and made them my own, so they fit onto my goddess’ torso.  It’s all done with permanent marker.

Her flower breasts and pubic triangle came to me from Veronica.  They were made by her grandmother, originally on a pillow sham.

I also got a message from Jackie, reminding me that the quilt top that I’m using the back of for this piece was made by her grandmother.

It’s already imbued with so much feminine power, no wonder my goddess appeared as she did.

One of  Haeckel’s drawings



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