The Color Of Christmas

Yesterday I went into my studio for just a little while.  It’s a mess with the most recent pieces I’m working one.

Fate, uncharacteristically settled among one of my messes near the heat.  I thought she looked a little forlorn, but also made a  beautiful photo surrounded by my all the colors and textures and patterns.

And I found something of how I feel about Christmas in it.  The color, chaos, and quiet,  tinged with melancholy.

4 thoughts on “The Color Of Christmas

  1. This quilt definitely says Christmas to me. The stars, the light fabric, surrounded by the dark ones around it.
    Even the faded jeans, like memories, fading, but still an important part of the story. And Fate just seems to want to be close to your work, to be close to you… Wishing you all Merry Christmas!

  2. BEFORE reading your verbal description of this wonderful photo, my first response was Wow I feel the spontaneous free composition of Texture, Color, and how Fate is a composite of all that surrounds her! Then I read your words and was overwhelmed with the feeling of commonality that is soooo rare these days. Thank you! I add this to my Christmas gifts received Linda Luna

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