Red and Fate Playing

When Fate was a puppy she was always trying to play with Red.  Mostly, Red was very patient with her.  They would play until Red had enough then he would let her know by giving a single sharp bark.

Sometimes they still play outside, and often chase each other when we walk.  But they play in the house less.  Yesterday Fate started nuzzling Red, the beginning of play.

It didn’t last very long, but it was sweet to see.

2 thoughts on “Red and Fate Playing

  1. Maria, I noticed Red’s and Fate’s ears pinned back on Jon’s site this morning. The hesitation of silent speech between one dog and another, ears back, holding still for that one moment, something passing between the two, whoever makes the first move and then they’re off….I see it in my two Aussie’s here, exact same moves. Made me smile.

    Two days away will be a change. I sometimes feel like Rip van Winkle coming out from a long sleep when I go into the city now, which is not often…so that is what people are wearing (I’m in my boots, runners, pants, t-shirts, sweaters….no high heeled stylish boots for me…no panty hose either, great release moving to the country….clothes are not much varied but to cooler and warmer styles….Swarms of people, busy traffic, after 48 years in Toronto, I am continually amazed at what the country has done for me….the term country bumpkin comes to mind.
    SandyP, an hour north of Toronto, Canada. In the country.

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