Solstice Quilt


First I have to say that I think this quilt may be hanging upside down.  But I’m not sure…..

I don’t know if anyone remembers, but a while back I cut up a hankie scarf that I had made and never was able to sell.  Then I sewed it back together and that big rectangle in the middle of this quilt is what it became.

I didn’t know what I’d do with it at the time.  And it’s been hanging around my studio since about June or July.

I do remember Janet leaving a comment  on my blog saying that she thought it was the beginnings of a quilt.  Seems she was right.

I started making the quilt on the first day of winter.  I was thinking of snow and the long nights.  Last year I made a quilt on the solstice too.  I called that one Longest Night.   Maybe it’s becoming a thing.

Because of the vintage hankies and the hand sewn quilt patches that I used, I was trying to keep the quilt from being too nostalgic.  I didn’t want it to be too soft.  That’s what got me to use the black, white and brown woven piece of fabric.

But I guess in a way, Jon’s faded Levi’s speak of the past too.  As does the taupe fabric, which used to be drapes probably from the 1960’s.

Sometimes what I have in mind and  what the quilt I’m making has in mind are two different things.  I tend to trust my art.

When I put that last small strip of white and black fabric on the bottom of the quilt this afternoon, I knew I was done.

Jon and I are going to Brooklyn for a few days to visit his daughter and granddaughter.  I cleaned up my studio before leaving it and picked out some fabric for the back of the quilt.  I’ll be all ready to work  on it when we get back home.

I think the quilt is as fitting for the new year as it is for the Solstice.

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