Trip To Brooklyn

Early tomorrow morning Jon and I will be leaving to catch the train to Brooklyn.  We’ll be gone till Thursday, visiting Jon’s daughter Emma, her husband Jay and granddaughter Robin.

I’ve never been interested in babies much, but the last two times I visited I found that I really enjoyed holding Robin.  I think in the past I’ve been afraid that I wouldn’t know what to do with a baby.  I was always more comfortable around baby animals than humans.

But  something in me has changed.  I think it has to do with finding love and with me being more confident and comfortable with myself.   And being able to pass those feelings on.

We’re planning on a trip to the Brooklyn Museum.  But being in Brooklyn is so different from Upstate, I’m happy to just walk around and see what there is to see.  Which is always a lot.

I’ll probably find a few things to take photos of and will be posting them on facebook and Instagram.  But other than that, I’ll mostly be off line till Thursday evening.

Until then……



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