Brooklyn Trees

I’ve always been drawn to trees, but since walking in the woods so much and reading both Robin Wall Kimmer’s  Braiding Sweet Grass and Peter Wohlleben’s The Hidden Life of Trees I feel even closer to them.  Like I know them better.

I saw many trees that were well cared for on our walks through Brooklyn over the past couple of days.  But I was mostly drawn to the trees that seemed ignored and neglected.  Victims of their environment.   Some  thrived and some  didn’t make it.   So I took their pictures.  I found them all heroic.

Someone made space for this tree root.

2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Trees

  1. What a moving post Maria with photos that held my eyes reverently on each one. I feel the same way about nature and all it touches. My brother is a dedicated “city mouse” and could never live anywhere else. He lives in Boston and we sometimes visit each other. One sunny day he was sitting on my little deck, and asked, “Do you hear a cell phone ringing?” I had to answer, “No Andy. That was a bird!”

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