My New Bailing Twine Chair

I wanted to take a walk in the woods.  But I drive to the paths I usually walk and with the snow there’s no longer anyplace to park my car.  But right out the back of our house are the woods.   Since the stream isn’t frozen yet, I had to figure out a way to get across.

I had some ideas, and went hunting through the barn for pieces of wood long enough to span the stream.  I know there are two 12 foot 2×6’s  under the hay, but that would mean moving all the hay.

First I brought a wooden pallet to the stream, it was way too small.

So I went into the loft and lowered two long wide pieces of wood down the small opening I climb through to get to the second floor of the barn.  One  is painted yellow, probably a part of an old wagon.  I dragged them out to the stream, held them on end and let them fall to the other side.  But neither one reached.  I had to fish them both out of the cold water.

I carried them back to the barn and up in the loft again, I saw the chair.

A pretty back and in too much disrepair to be used again, it was perfect for my next Baling Twine Sculpture.

I gave up on the way across the stream and focused on the chair.

When we first started feeding the animals hay I found a table in the loft of the barn I was going to use as a frame for my baling twine sculpture.  But I never got it to work.  I just wasn’t inspired to start on it.

This chair inspired me.  It called out to me.

Make me useful again, it said.  Make me special.

So I began…..



3 thoughts on “My New Bailing Twine Chair

  1. Nice you got inspired…..feels good doesn’t it? I love the days when I get those feelings…..alive and well!!

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