Fate’s New Dog House?

When I was a kid, I was always  pretending I was a dog and using my grandmother’s desk as a dog house. I think Fate’s watching the birds at the feeder, but I can’t say for sure.

2 thoughts on “Fate’s New Dog House?

  1. Oh, Maria!! these photos are just so DOG GONE CUTE!! How I love your archives!! I feel so out of time and space when I’m not able to read your blog for two solid weeks. (glorious time babysitting grandchildren, but I still miss not having the time to be on your website) Going back and catching up is wonderful. I LOVE THE RED LINDA QUILT! LIKE A FIERY SUNSET! Annie

  2. P.S. I love the pic of Jon in the jeans you are bargaining with him to get. His sly smile tells me that he has a price in mind! Annie

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