Slow Day

I think it’s from getting my tooth pulled yesterday, that and the prescription Motrin I took for the pain.  I’ve been tired and low all day.   It took me hours to design four potholders.  I just didn’t have it.

I took a nap in the afternoon then Jon and I spontaneously ran off to the movies.

We saw Hidden Figures.  It’s about the mostly unknown (unknown to me for sure) African America Women mathematicians who were instrumental  in the space program.  It didn’t have the grit and hard edges of real life, but it’s the kind of movie that is enjoyable to watch, can reach a wide audience (I can imagine it being shown in schools) and tells a story that is inspiring  and in many ways, still relevant.

I think it was perfect for my healing body.   Now I’m off to bed.

The potholders I made today

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