“Surrender”, A New Quilt


I started working on a new quilt today.  I’m calling it “Surrender”.

The color in these photos is more accurate.

I’m planning on putting that red/orange calico around the whole quilt.  Then I think it will be done.

I think I like the way it looks this way.



6 thoughts on ““Surrender”, A New Quilt

  1. After I saw your quilt last evening, it kept coming back to my mind during the night. I love it! But somehow, surrender didn’t describe it for me. I kept seeing a vibrant energy, a festive look, knowing it would give me a lift every time I would see it. The colors really did change in the photos, are they warmer oranges or brighter pinks ? This must have been exciting to create.

    1. I didn’t get a chance to write about why I’m calling it Surrender Laura. I can imagine how it doesn’t seem to fit. But maybe when I do write about it, it will make more sense. And the colors are warmer and richer than the first photo. the lighting can make a big difference when photographing all those colors together.

  2. I would love to buy this quilt – it speaks to me in some way. It just feels happy and full of hope. Maybe the vivid green squares evoke new plantings to me. Please consider selling it to me. Thank you!

  3. I was fortunate to visit India last year, & the finished quilt looks very much like India! The people there & especially our guide were very friendly & helpful. Yes, there are lots of problems, especially with a minimal infra-structure & government there, but the people are very caring & love having you visit. Beware the spicey- HOT- foods, but everything else is wonderful. Can’t wait to see your pictures & read of your journey. You will be in my thoughts & prayers. Mary Ann

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