To Simply Be

A self portrait I made in my printmaking class about 25 years ago. I called it “Soil” and had ferns for hair.

There was a time in my life when I believed, that in a previous existence, I had been a fern.   And I longed to go back to that time.

Those  ancient, quiet, gentle plants that only need some wind and moisture to reproduce.  Self-contained, they merely existed.

It seemed so simple to me.  So uncomplicated.

Reading “The Vegetarian” by Han Kang, I was reminded of this.  The woman in the novel, Yeong-hye becomes a vegetarian after some disturbing nightmares.  It’s an act of defiance that throws her whole life into turmoil.  Her true desire is to become a plant.

Sounds strange, and it is, but I also so understand it.  It’s a reaction to her childhood abuse her feelings of being powerless and  invisible.  A way for her to take control of her life.

I remember thinking that it would be so easy to be a fern.  So easy to just be.   After reading The Vegetarian, I realized that that’s all I really ever had to do.  Not as easy as it might be for a fern, but as simple.  All I ever had to do was simply be me.

4 thoughts on “To Simply Be

  1. That story is just like the Wizard of OZ. You had the power the whole time. You just didn’t know it! Just click your heels together three times and simply become you There is no one like you. 🙂

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