Pre-Order Jon’s New Book at Battenkill Books and Win A Bedlam Farm Tote Bag

The two remaining Bedlam Farm Tote Bags Connie is giving away

Connie at Battenkill Books still has two of my Bedlam Farm Tote Bags that she’s giving away with the pre-order of Jon’s new book Talking to Animals.   One for the month of January and one for February.

The last two winners are Ann from Honolulu, Hawaii and Ruth from Ridgefield Connecticut.

Anyone who pre-orders Jon’s new book Talking To Animals,  from Battenkill Books, will have a chance to win one of my Bedlam Farm Tote Bags pictured above.

Each of my  Tote Bags has one of my  original drawings on it.

You can pre-order  Talking to Animals by calling Connie at (518) 677-2515 or click here to place an order on  their website






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