“Suzy and The Hen” Potholders For Sale


“Suzy and The Hen” potholder. Stitched on Vintage Linen Napkin.

It started  when I went into the barnyard a few weeks ago and there was the gray hen standing on Suzy’s back.  I was actually quick enough to get a picture before the gray hen jumped off.

Since then I’ve been thinking of a Suzy and Hen potholder.

Last week I started making the drawings for it.  This is how it went….

I made a bunch of drawings.  Every day I’d do a few more, till I got comfortable drawing Suzy’s face and body.  Till it became second-nature.

Then I waited till I felt like I wanted to try it on my sewing machine.  That happened this morning.

I did a few practice drawings using my sewing machine, getting the colors right.  I decided to stitch them on Vintage  linen napkins that I have a large supply of.  You can see some of the pattern of the napkin in the potholder.

I found it didn’t take long to feel comfortable and confident enough to start making the finished potholders.  I stitch each potholder individually, so they’re all slightly different.

I’ll be making 20 Suzy and The Hen Potholders.  I should have them all done late next week.  They’re $25 each + $5 shipping.  If you’d like one you can email me here at [email protected].  I take checks and paypal.

The photo of Suzy and the Hen that inspired my potholders

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  1. These are such fun. and I enjoyed the video in the next post too, showing how they come to life. I also love that you had this image in mind for a while, and one day it was just the right day to start working on them.

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