On An “Off Day” An Ogg Winter Scarf and Bedlam Farm Tote Bag For Sale

What  a strange day.  The prospect of paper work, much-needed to be done, weighed over me this morning as I went to my studio.  I’m not sure where my head was, or my body, it seemed like both were miles from me.

So I did what I could and backed a scarf I made a couple of weeks ago and pulled out a Bedlam Farm Tote Bag I also made long before today.

I usually like to have more than one of a piece to sell at a time, but that just wasn’t happening.  So I thought it might be a good day for Jon and me to make one of our videos and put the Ogg Winter Scarf and Bedlam Farm Tote Bag up for sale.

It is a quiet internet day with the inauguration happening and I think that’s in the air.  People are preoccupied.  As, I guess, I am too.

So, here’s some photos of the scarf and tote bag.  The Ogg Winter Scarf is sold.  The Bedlam Farm Tote Bag is still available.  If either of them appeals to you,   If you’re interested in it you can email me at [email protected].  I take checks and paypal.

And here’s to those strange “off days”, and the good things they can bring.

Morning Glory” Ogg Winter Scarf     $60 + $8 shipping   SOLD
Balance a Bedlam Farm Tote Bag   $48 + $8 shipping

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