A Teapot or Comforter For A Refugee Family

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I clicked the Check Out button on Amazon and got a picture in my mind of a little girl in an apartment in Albany wrapped in a pink comforter.  Maybe it will make her feel a little warmer, a little safer, loved just a little more.

To be able  quickly, easily and inexpensively  to bring some warmth and comfort to someone who is coming to America and is in need of the basic necessities is a gift to me.

Jon’s been writing about our getting involved with a local refugee movement in Albany NY.  He’s already helped fill welcome bags for refugee children, by posting the need on his blog and people all over the country responding overwhelmingly.

Now there’s another need for the refugees coming to Albany.  It’s happening as I write this.  Families are coming from Syria and other places and need a  home and the basics to live in it.  Bed sheets, pots and pans, silverware, plates, blankets.

And the US Committee on Refugees and Immigrants has made it so easy and inexpensive to help.

They’ve set up a page on Amazon where you can choose simple household items to buy ranging in price from $6 to $30.  You don’t have to wonder where your money is going because you get to make that decision.  It’s that direct.  You buy a set of silverware or cups and you know soon a family is going to be eating or drinking from them.

Can’t you just picture it?  I can.  And it make me happy knowing I can help in this very simple and basic way.

I also like to think of what it must feel like to come to a new country after being driven out my home and knowing that the people there care about me.  That I’m welcome there.

In a way it’s as nurturing as cooking someone a hot meal or tucking someone into a warm, safe bed.

When I come back from India, in the end of February, Jon and I are going to meet with the organizers of the refugee effort in Albany NY.  We’ll be assigned a family to help acclimate to their new home in America.

But right now, buying that Comforter felt really good.  Like I can do something with such little effort.  Something very personal and necessary for someone who needs it.

Click here for the  Amazon page where you can buy a teapot or towels for a refugee family.

4 thoughts on “A Teapot or Comforter For A Refugee Family

  1. thank you so much to you an Jon sharing this information so we can be apart of it as well.
    its feels good to my heart to know that all of the money spent will go toward items needed by the families. in these trying times it feels esp. important to be able to take steps of postive action.
    a blanket for a child. dishes for a family. it feels to me like saying welcome.
    that each item sent willl be carrying a hug with it.

  2. I clicked on your site and was taken to the Amazon list.
    put. amazon wanted a shipping address.
    what address do I put in?
    very confused as to how this works. if there is a shipping address
    could you please post it.

    1. Glad it got worked our Alexa. I heard from some other people there were some problems, but it seems to be working now. Thank you for donating!

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