A Three Sister’s Garden In My Kitchen


My first attempt at the three sister’s garden

I was early in the morning, still dark outside, when the idea came to me.  It seemed so obvious once I thought of it, like it was already done, or I had seen it somewhere else.   It was that familiar.

The red stitched kitchen on my latest wallhanging needed a Three Sister’s Garden sprouting from its center.  Filling the space, with its life and life-giving foods.

The wall hanging is big, almost 5 feet square.  I wasn’t sure if I could stitch the drawing directly on it.  It’s hard to move a large piece of fabric like that around under my sewing machine and make intricate drawings.

So I started with a small piece of fabric, that I thought I could then attach the to center of the kitchen.

The drawing of my kitchen on my wall hanging before the Three Sister Garden.

But it didn’t work.  I wanted the garden to look like  it was growing in the kitchen, and trying to sew on a piece of fabric with the garden sewn on it, looked… well….like a piece of fabric with a garden sewn on it.  

I decided I’d have to try sewing directly on the wall hanging.

Turns out it was easier to do than I expected.  And I already had the practice of sewing the first garden so it was just fun to do.  Getting the shape of the leaves, and working with the different colors of thread.


First I sewed the corn, then the squash…..

…the beans came last.   I used a little gold thread for the tassels  on the corn and corn stalks and on the bean vines.

It actually came out better than I was able to imagine it.  That doesn’t happen often.

Now I’m working on the Goddesses hair.  Fiery orange oak leaves, a fierce symbol of wisdom.

So often with my wall hangings and much of my work, I fill up every space.  But I’m thinking differently about this one.  Entertaining the ideas of simplicity and less is more.

I’ll see what happens when I’m done with her hair and face.  I’m not sure how I’ll work with  her eyes yet but I keep getting the feeling they need to sparkle.

6 thoughts on “A Three Sister’s Garden In My Kitchen

  1. this piece is so very beautiful. . .I love the 3 sisters garden and the goddesses leafy hair. . (& my nana’s soft flower boobs!). . your work just get more and more amazing. . brava! xo

    1. There are so many grandmothers in this quilt Veronica. In so many different ways. I think that’s a big part of what it’s about. And It wouldn’t be the same without all the contributions of fabric and quilts.

    1. Yes! The quilt was perfect for the flying birds. It’s own kind of rainbow checks. And it has so much more meaning this way. Being it’s infused and representative of that predominately woman’s art of quilting. Bring a whole other element to the quilt. Actually, your grandmothers quilt is so beautiful as is, it was a little hard to cut up. But then it does live on….

  2. Wondering what you are going to do with the practice piece. It would make a lovely pillow or wall hanging.

    1. That’s would have been a nice idea Diane. But I cut it up when I was trying to use it on my piece. I was experimenting and it didn’t really work. So it’s not something I can use to make something else out of so easily. Thanks for asking though.

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