A Necessary Day

Busy, busy.  It’s been a busy day.  Not a creative day, but I did get a lot of those things done that needed doing.

I started out by looking under my car to see what was making the grinding and scraping noise I heard when I was driving home last night from the Co-op.

Jon drove behind me on the way to the repair shop and watched a sheet of metal, under my car,  lift off the road the faster I drove.   It turned out to be a quick fix, my heat shield had come undone, and a couple of hours and $35 later I was pulling back into the drive way.

Then I finished sewing my Suzy and Hen Potholders and got most of them in the mail too.   That includes typing invoices, printing labels, sorting out the money and packing them all up.

Then to the post office.  It was a busy day there  too.  I actually had to wait in line.  But Wendy is back  at work after having a double knee replacement and we had plenty to talk about.

At the bank,  I got some cash (dated after 2006 as Dahn recommended) for my trip to India (only two weeks away!)  and deposited the checks.  Me and one of the tellers share a birthday tomorrow so we had fun talking about how we’d each spend the day.  (Jon’s taking me for a getaway in Vermont for the night!)

When I got home I packed up a few more potholders and a book for Jon’s granddaughter, Robin (a counting, board book based on Jane Austen’s  Pride and Prejudice). 

Then I fed the animals and with Fate and Red, walked over the Gulley Bridge into our back woods.  I  squatted in the snow and leaned my back against a big old walnut tree.  It had a giant hole more than half way up.  It must be hollow inside, because I could look right through one smaller hole and see the sky on the other side.

We also heard an owl hooting only twice.  Or was it a bear?  I’ve been told they make a similar sound.

After dinner I balance my check book and wrote some thank you to a few people who  just sent me donations for my trip. One person sent me $20 and told me to buy myself something in India.  I  I still get choked up over the lovely things people write to me and the money they send.

It was somewhere around that time that I remembered I hadn’t blogged.  So here I am. Not the most interesting  or creative day, but a necessary day.

Oh and in between it all I was trying to get Jon to rest.  He’s been sick with a cold and doesn’t know how to take it easy.  I did get him to take a few naps,  let me make dinner and drowned him in tea.

Packing up the potholders

9 thoughts on “A Necessary Day

  1. Happy Birthday Maria. I’m wishing you health, happiness and a wonderful trip. I know you will make the best of it. Come back safe and sound.

  2. Maria, birthday wishes, Jon’s tribute is a blessing many of us don’t experience in a relationship, later in life. From what Jon has written, this relationship was not easy to achieve, which you’ve both been able to do. As well, I wish you a safe journey to India, you will be missed but I am looking forward to your impressions and photographs. I’ve always had a strong affinity for the designwork of Central Asia and India, Afghanistan. I sometimes think my genes must have traveled the Silk Road centuries ago, living perhaps in a yurt in the mountains of Afghanistan,(then Turkistan, or one of the Stans) and then continued westward and northward, William Morris bringing this designwork from Central Asia, China, to England and thus into North America. You will see so much richness of colour, of a life so unlike our own here on this continent. I’m thinking you will be keeping a journal of your daily life while there. Safe home.
    SandyP, Ont., Can.

    1. I feel that way about the music of the area Sandy. Thanks for your good wishes and I’ll be blogging from India, so you won’t get to miss me too much!

  3. Maria, I was wondering if you feel any fear for your trip to India. Stomach bugs from food and water, being overwhelmed with the crowd and poverty, getting lost, being robbed by desperate people. I suffer from fear and nicety and am inspired by your courage.

    1. Hazel, I am feeling some anxiety. Not about health issues or being robbed, but I do think about being overwhelmed by what I see there. And I tend to feel anxiety before I do something new, but then when I’m actually doing it, that all fades. I know how I am and when I get on the plane any fears will turn to excitement. But I was thinking about writing about this, so thank for getting me thinking about it more.

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