Linda’a Quilts. Three More Quilt In Their New Homes

This Christmas I made five quilts for Linda.  She gave one to each of her family members and kept one for herself.  I’ve already posted two of the quilts in their new homes, now Linda has sent me photos of the other three.

The quilt above, called Migration,  now belongs to Linda’s son.  That’s his cat Lucy and her play mouse on the bed.  Because he’s a collector of art books and old things, (including restoring houses) this quilt seemed just right for him.  Linda gave her son the Lawrence Jacobs book, Migrations which inspired the colors in the quilt.  She also gave him a Gee’s Bend Book, the inpiration for all my quilts.   Also the quilt is made mostly from Vintage fabric from the 1960’s and 70’s.  He said he wants to hang it on the wall, but Lucy looks like she has other ideas for it.

The Dragonfly quilt went to Linda’s Daughter.   She’s a writer who lives in a small apartment in Brooklyn.   As you can see, the quilt has already become a part of her life.  I love to see my quilts loved and well used.

Linda kept the Red quilt for herself.  She  wrote “…the red quilt….was always mine. ”  She put it in her special room.  The room where she reads and studies, hangs her own art, thinks and meditates.  When I saw the picture of the other side of Linda’s room, where her art is hanging, I could see why she said the Red quilt was always hers.  It could almost be one of her paintings.

Linda’s special room where she put the Red quilt

4 thoughts on “Linda’a Quilts. Three More Quilt In Their New Homes

  1. A quilt question. Before you hang them up to tack lining, have you basted or pinned the lining to the top? I am familiar with quilting in a frame. Yours are beautiful & have such meaningful names. Thanks. Mary Ann

    1. I sew around the edges of the quilt inside out then turn it right side in Mary Ann. I leave a space at the bottom and hand sew it. It’s the same way I make my potholders. I know this isn’t the way most quilts are made, but It’s how I’ve always done mine. And it seems to work.

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