Our New Meditation Bench in the Back Woods. Thanks To Ed Gulley

Ed and Jon and Fate, standing next to the new meditation bench that Ed made for our back woods.

A few weeks ago, our friend, artist and farmer Ed Gulley built us a bridge so we could cross the stream that kept us from walking in the woods behind our house.

There’s 14 acres or so of woods that are ours, and they butt up against many more acres with paths and trail that go on for miles.  They connect to the Old Ice Road that leads to Lake Lauderdale.

I’ve been cutting a foot trail through the Japanese Honeysuckle, an invasive bush, that thins out further back in the woods.  And spending that kind of time in the woods, I’m getting to know it.  Getting to know the trees and rocks, the long small stream that runs along the north border.

Today, Ed and his wife Carol came with a bench Ed made from two old chairs, an old ladder, bailing twine and a plank of wood.

Sturdy, lightweight, easy to move and comfortable, we carried the bench over the bridge, up the hill and placed it near a tall oak tree.

When Ed made the bridge, Jon mentioned that he’d like a meditation bench and since then Ed’s been thinking about how to make it from his endless supply of old stuff at his farm.

I want the get the path through the woods and to the bench cleared before I go to India, so Jon can walk out there easily and use the bench.

I can just picture it. Jon meditating on the bench, with Red laying on the ground next to him. And Fate running through the woods exploring, coming back every once in a while to check on them. Waiting for Jon to open his eyes again before she tries to climb on his lap.

Carol made a video of  us all in the woods today.  You can see it here  along with all their other videos and read all about Ed and Carol, and their farm on their blog Bejosh Farm Journal.



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