Bailing Twine Chair

I have not been working on my bailing twine chair in the same way I did the first one.

It’s not an everyday thing, but more like a once a week thing.  I don’t tie on two pieces of bailing twine a day, as they come available from the bale of hay we feed the animals.  I’ve been saving them up and tying on 10 or so at a time.

This does change the look of the chair because I have more twine to work with at a time.

I’m enjoying this rhythm.   And the chair is surprising me in the direction it’s taking.  All those thick braids and coils of twine.

2 thoughts on “Bailing Twine Chair

  1. I’ve been away from the blog for a while, is this the same chair you used last year? I can see benefits to removing last year’s project each year to make room for the new, or creating a whole porch of these chairs.

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