Crescent Moon Initiation Dream


One more thing, I said to Mandy and Athena, as we finished up our weekly lunch.  Last night I told them, I had a dream.

In the dream  I was standing in line with a group of seven or eight other people.  We were waiting to receive the crescent moon energy from a man who had just held the moon in his hands.

I didn’t get a good feeling from the man.  He seemed full of himself, egotistical.

When I got to the front of the line, he held his open palm in front of my forehead.  In the dream I could see me as if I was watching from above.  I could see the white light coming from his hand and landing on the area of my third eye.   It was two or three inches round  I could feel the heat from the glowing light on my forehead.

It seemed to last  a long time.   I spent the rest of the dream writing the experience down with pencil and paper so I would remember it.

“Initiation” Mandy and Athena both said at the same time, when I finished telling them my dream.  A third eye initiation, Athena said, but didn’t elaborate.

I looked up  the meaning of the crescent moon when I got home.   It comes from the latin word crescere,  which means “bring forth, create, grow, thrive”.  That makes sense to me.

But I couldn’t find anything about the third eye initiation that seemed to have anything to do with me.   Most of what I found were programs and classes on how to open your third eye.

Maybe it will eventually be revealed to me.  Or maybe it’s just another dream that will fade with time.


2 thoughts on “Crescent Moon Initiation Dream

  1. Maybe the area of the third eye represents the ritual of anointing or blessing. Beautiful power especially since tonight is full moon.

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