I’ll Be Selling My “Show Your Soul” Posters When I Get Back From India

I’m going to be hanging more Show Your Soul posters up in my town of Cambridge tomorrow.

Since putting it up on my blog I’ve gotten a lot of requests for the poster.

I leave for India on Sunday and will be gone for two weeks.  But when I got back I’ll have more posters made and will be offering them of sale.

So thanks to everyone for  asking about the posters.  I’m thrilled that so many people want them.  And can’t wait to be able to send them off in the mail to all of you.

13 thoughts on “I’ll Be Selling My “Show Your Soul” Posters When I Get Back From India

  1. Maria,
    Traveling Mercies to you on your journey……..come home safe and sound full of energy and experience.

    Take good care. Namaste,


  2. Maria,
    I love your Goddess……….and an so happy you are making posters, because I wanted a copy of her! Beautiful that she is going around town, and that you are taking your stand! I wish you the best journey to India, it will be nothing less than amazing,colorful, and spiritual…………..a perfect step on your own personal journey! Can’t wait to hear about it all……….and to eventualy have a goddess poster.
    all the best,

  3. I would like to buy three posters when you come back- India is a place I’ve been interested in for a long time. I wish you well on this journey!

    1. Thanks Bridgett. I’m trying to keep all the orders for the poster, but if I wouldn’t be surprised if I lose a few. So please, email me about the posters when I put them up for sale, if I don’t get in touch with you after I get back. Thanks so much!

  4. You are off on a wonderous adventure! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! I adore your goddess and would very much like to add my order for one of the posters to the growing list of requests.

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