50 “Show Your Soul” Posters All Around Town

That’s me stapling one of my “Show Your Soul” posters on a telephone pole in town           Photo by Jon Katz

Along with the last minute stuff, the nesting and lunch, I stapled up and handed out the last of my 50 Show Your Soul Posters in town today.

I  gave one to Connie at the Mansion, (the residence where  Jon brings Red to do therapy work)  and while some people looked at it and wondered what it was all about, Connie completely got it.  So did our friend the photographer,  George Forss.

I’ll be selling the posters when I get back from India.

It was all I could do to get the 50 copies made this week and hang them around town.  A friend in Vermont  asked for some to hang in her town.  And another friend wants to send them to a group she works with in New York.

I love the idea of spreading the Show Your Soul message anyway possible.  So feel free to share it on fb or on your blog as my friend Eve Marko did on her blog.

And when I get back, in just over two weeks, I’ll be taking orders.  I have all the information about cost and the size and all of that by then.


2 thoughts on “50 “Show Your Soul” Posters All Around Town

  1. Will be keeping you in my prayers. Have a wonderful time and don’t forget that it’s when plans go off track that really interesting things happen. Blessings to you and all the women you will be working with, April

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