A Couple of Days “Before India”

Before India

Just got back from the post office where I mailed a few potholders and my “Before India” quilt.

Today and tomorrow are days of last minute things.

I leave for India on Sunday and along with getting done the things I need to before I leave, I’ve got this nesting instinct to tidy up all the loose ends I come across.

But I’m only  indulging it so much.  I have my priorities.

Like lunch with my friend Jackie this afternoon and dinner with Jon,  tonight at the Round House.    We’ll eat pizza, drink some wine, (which always takes the edge off for me) and listen to live music.  Rumor is, Scott (who owns the cafe)  will be playing and singing with the band.

I’ll take my sketch pad and do my best to relax a little.

The back of Before India

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