Kolkata Diary. In The Ritual of Initiation

Out my hotel window

I’m sitting here in my hotel room, checking my weather and flights app, the snow falling outside my window.

I’ve come to see my trip as an initiation.  Even I’m not yet sure what it’s an initiation for.

The idea came from my Crescent Moon Initiation Dream.   The dream  that I wrote about a few days ago, where I received the energy from the crescent moon through my third eye.

I realized that the egotistical man in my dream was my ego.  Trying to downplay my trip, maybe to try to help deal with my repressed fear.  A fear that only grows when denied.

But my dream told me otherwise.  It told me that what I was about to experience was big enough and important enough for me and my self-development, that I was going through a ritual initiation.

The ritual being the trip itself.  With all the mundane tasks it takes to make it happen.  From getting plane tickets  and packing my bags, to dealing with the snow that might just delay my flight.

And what ever else pops up in between.

If the  Crescent Moon  in my dream means to create, grow and thrive, then  just preparing for the trip itself is enough of an initiation.  I already feel stronger, more confident and have a greater sense of self-worth just from the actions I’ve taken leading up to it.

So now, every time something unexpected happens, I see it as part of the ritual.  As if the Universe is handing me gift after gift to allow me to see what I’m actually capable of.

According to my dictionary the definition of initiation is “…allowing someone into a group or society usually with a ritual. The action of  beginning  something.”

I’m going to hold the idea of  Initiation during my trip, without being so literal about it.  I’m certainly entering new territory and being aware of the changes that occur within me will help me understand what the initiation is really all about.

6 thoughts on “Kolkata Diary. In The Ritual of Initiation

  1. You’re embarking on an adventure – not a vacation, although vacations can turn into adventures. My idea of an adventure is when you make a commitment to do something serious, something real, and you put yourself on the line to accomplish your goal. Safe travelling – do your best, and you’ll be fine.

  2. Dear, dear Maria, reading through your and Jon’s blog postings a book came to mind that I devoured in one long sitting a few months ago – The Yoga of Max’s discontent (In this captivating and surprising novel of spiritual discovery—a No. 1 bestseller in India—a young American travels to India and finds himself tested physically, emotionally, and spiritually.) http://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/318006/the-yoga-of-maxs-discontent-by-karan-bajaj/9781594634116
    Perhaps it is available at the airport, I am not sure, but certainly in Kolkata for a lot less money.
    Will be waiting for your blog posts ‘as it happens’ – crossing fingers and toes and hoping that you’ll be having a great time passing through all these initiation rituals….take good care and wishing you lots of stamina and patience – and that you’ll end up getting an upgrade into business class! 🙂 xoxo Sabina

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