Kolkata Diary. Driving In Kolkata II

I took this video on the way home from Puresa Humanitarian.  This is what I saw looking out the window as we drove back to the hotel.

I meant for the title to be Driving In Kolkata II, but my iphone auto “corrected” it to lol.  I can’t figure out how to edit the title, so it is what it is.  Just like the rest of my trip.

2 thoughts on “Kolkata Diary. Driving In Kolkata II

  1. lol… perhaps this gives it a whole new meaning (living out loud). It feels like a privilege to experience this journey with you. Thank you for that gift.

  2. Maria, can I just say “thank you so very much” for sharing your trip with us. I never would have imagined this city to be as you are showing.

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