Kolkata Diary. Driving Through Kolkata

I could hardly believe it when the plane landed in Kolkata Airport.  I was finally in India!

It took me another hour and a half to get through immigration and the visa line, but when I left the airport Stephen was waiting for me, holding a piece of card board with my name on it.

Don’t worry about the crazy driving Dahn texted me, you’ll be scared shitless, but you’ll be safe.  

I was actually silently cheering the driver on.  The group was  scheduled to leave for Puresa Humanitarian at 10:00 and we were stuck in rush hour traffic a half hour from the hotel.

Dahn told me later they would have waited for me or would have had the driver of our little bus take me there whenever I got in.    But it all added to the excitement.

At the hotel, Dahn was waiting for me in the lobby with a big hug.  I checked into my room and 20 minutes later we were on the road.

I took a couple of videos of what the ride was like.  This one is from the trip to Puresa Humanitarian.

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