Kolkata Diary. Love And Freedom, Puresa Humanitarian Tote Bags

Giselle and the new totes

Giselle was very excited to have the new tote bags that she and the girls at Puresa Humanitian designed and are now making.

The bags are hand sewn by some of the girls and then they silk screen them with the words Love and Freedom, which is what Puresa Humanitarian is all about.   On the back of the bag is the pink heart,  Puresa Humanitarian’s  logo.

Giselle was proud of the bags and the good work the girls did in making the.   She was pleased to hear that I thought them beautifully made and sturdy too.

Giselle designed the bags after her needs.    She said she takes the same  canvas bag  into the slums of Kolkata when she is educating and rescuing girls as she takes on the plane when she travels.  She knows just the size and space she needs.

The bags are still in production but in a couple of weeks they’ll be up for sale.  When that happens I’ll be sure to let you all know.

Giselle told me how the girls are getting a great sense of accomplishment and confidence making the bags.

Sometimes, because of their trauma,  the girls who are just learning to sew get overwhelmed and panic.  When that happens Giselle tells them to stop sewing for a few days, and get back to it when the feel better.  Then the more experienced sewers take over.

I loved Giselle’s enthusiasm over the new totes.  And I enjoyed talking to her about them, a subject I know pretty well.

I told her about my potholders and we talked about the  importance of having  an inexpensive and  useful product that the girls can easily make.  I also loved the way  Giselle goes about working with the girls in producing them.   Giving the time and space they need.

The patience, love and freedom, of  Puresa Humanitarian  is sewn right into those new tote bags.


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  1. Loved reading about making the bags. I want to follow your posts about your experiences in India so please put me on your email list for them. Thank you. Betsy

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