Kolkata Diary. Hannah And Lakshmi

Hannah in her Lakshmi Head dress

Every day millions of people come across the bridge over the Ganges.  Many of them are driving trucks loaded with flowers.  They bring them to the  Market where they are made into different garlands, and head dresses, even used to decorate custom made forms for different occasions.

The flowers are used for  everything from weddings to funerals.  One reader wrote me and said how she remembered her grandmother getting a garland of marigold and jasmine everyday for her prayer room.Where ever we arrive, at the airport, at Puresa Humanitarian, and the Women’s Interlink Foundation, we are greeted with garlands of flowers.

At the Flower Market yesterday,  our guide (whose name I have no idea how to spell but will find out) bought Hannah a Lakshmi headdress.

She wore it as we walked through the market.  Heads  were already turning to see her beautiful red hair (Hannah is Dahn’s daughter.  Their smiles, hair and kindness make their relationship obvious) but with her headdress she got even more attention.

Outside the market on the banks of the Ganges, we came across a small shrine in the roots of a tree for the goddess Lakshmi.  Hannah sat down next to it,  easily assuming the expression of the goddess.

Lakshmi, the goddess of  “…prosperity and wealth, both material and spiritual.   Purity, generosity, and the embodiment of beauty, grace, and charm…”

Lakshmi and Hannah, that feels right.


One thought on “Kolkata Diary. Hannah And Lakshmi

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us, and bringing some “India” into our homes. What an amazing place, kind of how one pictures it, but seeing it through your eyes is wonderful! All the more vivd I am sure, experiencing it by being there. I am sure your trip will be so incredible, with so many more treasures to come………….and the beautiful people you will encounter with your work…..!
    thank you!

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