Kolkata Diary. The Flower Market

We went to the Kolkata Flower Market this morning.  This video is a little bit of what that was like.

4 thoughts on “Kolkata Diary. The Flower Market

  1. I am so enjoying the videos and photos from your trip! I noticed there are not a lot of women visible in the streets. Are they not part of the daily hustle bustle or it is more likely due to the specific places you are visiting? Just curious.

    1. There are women around, but it’s true there seem to be more men in the streets. I’m not sure why, I imagine it has to do with work habits. But I”m not quite sure, I may find out as the trip goes one.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us.

    The flowers are so beautiful. Are they grown right there? And the garlands. What are they used for? The flowers are so bright and colorful. Are they dried too?

    1. The flowers are brought in every day over the bridge over the Ganges. They come in large trucks and the people who drive and load the trucks line up on the sidewalks outside the market, sleeping or resting till it’s time to leave again. The flowers are used for all kinds of occasions, from weddings to funerals. They’re all fresh. Every time we go to visit the girls in the homes, we are presented with a garland of marigolds. The same as when I first flew in and was met at the airport. There are even forms that are custom made in the shape of different things then decorated with flowers.

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