Kolkata Diary. Back From Bolpur And On-Line Again

The courtyard of one of the homes in Bolpur

I just got back to Kolata and the internet.

I didn’t find out till we were on the bus to Bolpur that we wouldn’t have internet or phone there.  I was able to call Jon and let him know just  before we left.

And just as he wrote on his blog, when I couldn’t talk to him because of the time change (I don’t want to wake him up) I went to his blog, which is the closest I could get to him.

And there he was, reciting a love poem to me.

I cried and touched my cheek and lifted my hand to my lips, and kissed him back.

I wrote a little while I was in Bolpur. I couldn’t access my blog, so I wrote on my word program.   I’m going to try to copy it onto my blog.  But I won’t I have time to write about the whole experience today.

In an  hour, we’re taking a drive through the Red Light District.  I imagine that will take up a lot of space in my heart and head and will want to write about that and whatever happens in the coming days.

But I will get back to writing about Bolpur eventually.  It’s a wonderful success story of bringing a village back to life which will help ensure that the girls who live there will  not become targets for the sex trade. It’s a preventative program, one of many that The Women’s Interlink Foundation has created.

I want to thanks for all your encouraging words about my last post.  It turns out, India style, that there may be hope yet.

Tomorrow we’ll visit Sunlapp. The women there have six sewing machines and it looks as though they’re going to be ready to sew, with me teaching them to make potholder,  using scraps from sari’s, when I get there.

I’m not making any promises, but I’m crossing my fingers.

I did have some insights as to what actually happened, the confusion about me teaching and the  potholders.  I’ll write about that at another time too.

I’m going to try and post my writing from Bolpur now and put up some pictures.



3 thoughts on “Kolkata Diary. Back From Bolpur And On-Line Again

  1. thanks to jon for sharing his poem and to you for sharing your response to it. my heart is so full of joy for you both.
    tears of joy.
    so much about your blogs about India is filling me up..my heart.
    as for the potholders..what is meant to be will be. i have no doubt that there will come about a way for you thru your blog that will allow us to be a part of the girls life.
    taking us on your journey in India with you means so much.

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