Kolkata Diary. Do You Think You’re Not Sleeping

Our shoes outside the doorway of Soma’s house

Do you think you’re not sleeping.

You keep waking up
from one dream to the next.


2 thoughts on “Kolkata Diary. Do You Think You’re Not Sleeping

  1. yes, India always feels like an out-of-body experience…so glad you did get to teach the potholders after all. Loved the clip of the market, esp the music, thank you 🙂 5 days to go and then the sleep of the overwhelmed will envelop you on the flight back. Please take care, Sabina

  2. Dear Maria, this picture, its colors and how evocative it is, it is wonderful. India is a very special country and I do think everyone who travels it the way you are doing, really meeting people, comes back a different person. Safe journey to you.

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