Kolkata Diary. Going Home Tomorrow


The dogs of Udiapur

It’s my last day in Udaipur.  I just found out that the hotel has a coffee shop with wifi.  The internet was spotty in my room and non-existent in the past couple of days.

But I did some writing on my word program  and was able to copy it to my blog.  But now I’m having so much fun writing and posting pictures  it’s hard to stop.

I’m leaving tomorrow at 5am for a 7:00 flight to Mumbai, then to Kolkata, then home.

And as much as I’ve loved this trip, for so many reasons that I’ll continue to write about, I’m ready to go home.

I want to hold Jon and see his beautiful face when we talk.  I want to be able to share our days together and eat our meals together.  I want to be able to tell him the littlest thing when it happens.  I want to feel his body in bed, next to mine.

And I want to see what happens next in our life together.

2 thoughts on “Kolkata Diary. Going Home Tomorrow

  1. Oh Maria! What a trip this has been!! The sweetness of your love for Jon and his love for you always makes me smile, always makes me believe that there is something very right in our world full of wrongs. Annie

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