Kolkata Diary. Reflection Photos at the Mumbai Airport

I spent a few hours at the Mumbai airport in between flights.

I knew I’d be sitting a lot, so I decided to do some walking.  And keep walking.  I made many rounds past the same stores and gates and on one of them, I notice the reflection in the museum displays that are at the airport.

Some of the walls, were filled with  giant depictions of ancient Indian art and contemporary art.

Once I saw how the reflections from the airport window looked integrated with the art, I spent about an hour taking pictures.  I accidentally caught a person walking by in one of the first pictures, and liked what they added to the photo. So then I started waiting for people to walk by and into my photos.

I used the photo program on my iphone to bring out the colors and add depth through contrasts.

I didn’t have any wifi at the airport so I couldn’t post them.  But I was able to email them to Jon, even though I knew he was sleeping.   I was so excited about how they came out, I wanted to show them to him.

I’m on the plane now on my way to Dubai.  I was feeling all cranky and bitchy (I’ve been traveling since 5am and have about 23 more hours to go) before getting on the plane, but now that I have wifi and can  post the photos and write on my blog, I’m feeling good again.

Here’s some of the photos…..

4 thoughts on “Kolkata Diary. Reflection Photos at the Mumbai Airport

  1. Maria, I have been so enthralled by your posts and by your journey. Your writing is inspiring and your photos evocative and joyful. Cannot wait to see your glow upon your return home. May the remainder of your flights go gracefully…

  2. These are outstanding shots! I particularly love the exceptional contrasts of color and black& white.
    You MUST do an exhibit/slideshow of your photos❤
    Jensen Beach, Florida

  3. These photos are so vibrant and filled with light and life. The kind of shots that I try to capture in my own photography – the ones that will bring back a fresh rush of sights and sounds and aromas even years after they are taken. Thank you for sharing with us all of the images you have from this amazing journey you’re taking – to a part of the world that few of us will experience in person.

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