Becoming Friends With Connie At The Mansion


Connie and me.  Photo by Jon Katz

It’s interesting the connection I’ve made with Connie at the Mansion.  When Jon first started visiting the Adult Residency with Red, I thought it might be fun to go with them every once in a while.

But now I’ve found that I really enjoy visiting the people there.  And Connie and I have become friends.

I don’t see a lot of her, maybe once a week  or every other week for 10-15 minutes, but that seems to be enough to keep us connected.

I know it has something to do with her love of knitting and crocheting.  We can easily talk about our work.  She’s as  interested in what I do as I am about her.

I also see that Connie is tough and uncomplaining, though not a martyr.  She tell it like it is.  And I admire that.

And she opened up to me which allowed me to open up to her.

When I was leaving for India she told me she’d miss me.  Then asked me for a hug.  I have to admit this surprised me.   I don’t imagine Connie gets many hugs.   I could feel her affection for me, even if I’m not completely sure where it comes from.

Now we give each other hugs easily.

She asked me to send her a postcard from India.   I couldn’t find any, so I brought her back some fabric elephants to hang in her room.  When I did she pulled out a pair of mitten from her basket and said “These are for you”.  It seemed the perfect exchange.

Jon took this picture of me and Connie hugging yesterday.  You can see her pixie smile.  Ever since people from Jon’s blog started sending her yarn, she’s been knitting and now crocheting non stop.  She gives all her work away.

The Mansion is a special place.  It’s just a few minutes away from us and I’m so glad that Jon found it and started doing work there with Red.  The people who live there don’t have much money, nor do the people who work there.  But the place has a feeling of a big family.  It’s very caring and loving.

With the weather getting warmer, I know many of the people who live at the Mansion will be coming to visit the farm and animals.  They came last year and loved feeding the donkeys and Chloe. As well as seeing Red herd the sheep.

But they need a new van to go on these kind of  outings  and for doctor’s appointment and shopping.   So the Mansion started a gofundme for $10,000 to help pay for the van.  They already have over $6000.

Connie has a hard time getting around because she’s on oxygen and it’s painful for her to sit up straight.  But I’m hoping that she can visit the farm this year.  I know she’d love the animals and I’d especially love to show her my studio.

You can read more about the Mansions’s gofundme to get a new van here.

2 thoughts on “Becoming Friends With Connie At The Mansion

  1. Those vans, even the used ones are super expensive. There seems to be a lot of them available.

    I hope to see Connie’s crochet creations for sale through your blog.

    1. They almost have the money they need for the Van CS. And Connie isn’t interested in selling her work. She’s done that, and at this point in her life she wants to give what she makes away.

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