A New Home For Chloe

I see it very clearly, it’s like a timeline and me and Chloe fall about two-thirds along the way.   It’s her life, not mine.  I only take up a small part of it.  As if I’m a conduit for Chloe to move from one place to another.

I was in India when Jon told me that Treasure and Donna were interested in giving Chloe a home.  As soon as I heard the words,  I knew it was right.

I remembered the last time Treasure visited the farm and I could see the way she and Chloe connected.  There was a moment when Treasure hugged Chloe and it was as if they were one.

Yesterday we visited  what would be Chloe’s new home.

I watched Treasure with her horse Mickey.  I saw how calm and direct Treasure was with her.  How gently Micky responded.   Last year I watched as Treasure jumped on Mickey and rode her bareback around the farm.  Treasure knows horses, how to love them and how to work with them.

Donna’s horse died a few weeks ago.  They’ve been looking of another horse to keep Mickey company.

“Chloe will  get lots of exercise”, Treasure told me as I scratched Mickey’s ear.  And lots of love and attention too.  She’s just the right size for Treasure’s daughter, who is smaller than me.  Then there’s the grandchildren who visit.  There are plenty of trails around the farm where they like to ride.

And they live just 10 minutes away.  I can visit Chloe whenever I want.

Last night, when we got home from visiting Treasure, I fell into a depression.   I was even more certain that Chloe would have a good home with Treasure and Donna.  But I was also mourning the loss of Chloe in my life.  I made myself stay up till 8 o’clock then went to bed.  I let myself feel what I was feeling, believing that in the morning I’d feel better.

When I woke up I found that I was actually more happy for Chloe than sad for me.

I know she’s going to have the life a pony should have.  Getting lots of attention from her people, going on trial rides and living with other horses and getting lots of love.

I can give Chloe the love, and some of the attention, but otherwise she’s become a pasture pony.  A pony without any real work.  I want more for her than that.  She’s not old enough to retire yet.

In a day or two Treasure will come by with a trailer and take Chloe to her new home.

I’ve been preparing Chloe for it the only way I know how.  By telling her with words and picturing her new home in my mind and trying to pass the image along to her.  I’ve also been doing the same with Fanny and Lulu.  Letting them know that Chloe will be leaving.

I know I’ll feel sad again at the thought of Chloe leaving.  And I know I’ll miss having her here.  She’s such a big and loving presence on the farm.

But I also have no doubt that this is the best thing for her.  And ultimately, that’s what I want.

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  1. Saying “goodbye” is always hard…say “so long”…and you are doing the right thing for Chloe! Thx for sharing this!

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