Apple Branch Snow Sculpture

The snow is already falling quick and hard.  We’re supposed to get from 12-24 inches.  This time of year, where there’s little grass and it’s often covered in snow and ice the animals like to chew on branches and bark.

Last week we had our apple and birch trees pruned and we threw some of the branches from the apple tree (they especially love the apple branches)  in the barn yarn for  Chloe, Fanny, Lulu and sheep to nibble.

Better that than the barn.

Scattered on the ground, the branches were already mostly covered in snow by the time we went to feed the animals this morning.   So I gathered them up and piled them on top of each other.  Even if we do get two feet of snow, there will still be branches high enough off the ground for the animals to get at.

As I was placing the branches on top of each other,  I realized how intentional I was being.   Interlocking them so the structure would stand without falling. Walking around the pile to get an overall look at it.  Putting the branches in the “right” place.

That’s when it became a sculpture.

Then I thought of how it would change throughout the day as the snow continued to fall.  How eventually it would have  a base of snow.  How the snow laying on the branches would create delicate, swirling lines.   How, if it got really windy, the whole thing could roll away like a tumble weed maybe creating a giant snowball.  Or, how covered in snow, the branches might create the frame-work of a shelter for a small animal.

Then I thought of  what will happen when the animals start chewing on it.

I’ll return the my sculpture throughout the day. Maybe my imaginings about how it will change are more dramatic and intriguing that will actually happen.  But that’s no longer in my hands.  It’s up to the snow and the wind and animals from now on.

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