A Video About My “Show Your Soul” Posters

I’m spending my days processing orders for my Show Your Soul Posters.   I love that they’re  going all over the country.  I’ve never made my art into a poster before, but it looks like this is just the right image, and message.

If you’d like to order a poster, you can email me here at [email protected].  The posters are $10 each + $6 shipping for 1-2.  So that’s $16 for one poster and $26 for two.  (shipping is a bit more outside the US)

Just let me know how you’d like to pay.  I can email you a paypal invoice or you can send a check to:

Full Moon Fiber Art
2502 State Route 22
Cambridge NY 12816

11 thoughts on “A Video About My “Show Your Soul” Posters

  1. Hi, Maria — I love the message in the poster. I’m just wondering, what is the significance of the snake at the top?

  2. Just watched this video Maria! I’ve already ordered my posters but just want
    to say I love the idea of post cards so I’ll keep an ear and an eye out for
    those should you decide to do them! This is an incredibly powerful image.
    I adore it! I plan to have my poster matted and framed and to hang it in
    a special and prominent place in my home to remind whoever sees it to
    always “Show Your Soul”. Especially me. Thank you!

  3. My check is in the mail! It’s the Goddess’s expression – fierce!
    Oh, and Fate’s expression is priceless! Stay warm!

  4. Sorry I didn’t see your mailing address until today – I sent my check yesterday to the Bedlam Farm P.O. Box address instead – so hope that won’t be an inconvenience. I’m looking forward to hanging your amazing poster in my office space.
    Martha Murphy

  5. Hi Maria, havent been checking emails while travelling, so missed the soul poster shout out. Would love to order one going to bc, canada. I am currently stuck at the airport and furious at air canada customer service and looking at the crossed arm of your soul goddess gave me enough courage to ask them for a food voucher ….got one, yeah! Catching up on your postings, but just wanted to say hi and that she looks absolutely stunning and fierce, just what we need these days! Best wishes, Sabina

    1. I love that she inspired you into action for yourself Sabina. Hope you’re where you were going by now and I’ll email you about the poster. T

  6. I plan to hang the poster on my apartment door so I can see it and think of the words and meaning every time I step out into the world. Love it Maria!

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