Two Worlds

I just finished tacking “Two Worlds”, signed it and packed it up to be sent to its new home.  I’ll drop it in the mail on the way to the movies this afternoon.

That’s right, Jon and I are quitting early and going to see “Beauty And The Beast” in 3D.  I will see almost any movie if it’s in 3D, but I have heard this version of the story is a good one.

Angela Carter’s retelling of the story,  called “The Courtship of Mr. Lyon” is my favorite so far.  The beast in that story is a lion.   But I love  the cinematography of Jean Cocteau’s film version too.

I never forgot the one moment in the TV version (was it from the 1970’s) with George C. Scott when Beauty sees the beast eating dinner.   He’s in the garden or woods, tearing a deer apart with his teeth after hunting it down.

I’ll let you know how it is.  Gotta go feed the animals now, then to the post office and the movie.

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8 thoughts on “Two Worlds

  1. Love this quilt. You will enjoy Beauty and the Beast. I saw it in 3D. The “Be our Guest” scene is so much fun. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks, Maria. It’s beautiful. I’m ecstatic to be the “new home”. I’m going to hang t on a wall for all to see. What kind of hooks do you use? And where do you buy them?

    Tony Breuer

    1. I’m so glad it will have a new home with you Tony. And I use curtain rings and hang it from a rod from the wall or just on hooks on the wall. There are different types of curtain rings. I have some simple black ones with a little clip on the end that work well. Thanks!

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