This Weekend…

That’s Donna and Treasure’s horse Mick and Chloe following Treasure carrying an armload of hay.  I didn’t get many good pictures, but Jon is posting some on his blog.

So much happened this weekend, (along with me recovering from getting food poisoning) I can’t write about it all in depth.  But it’s also important stuff so I’ll be writing about it more during the week.

I’ll start with this afternoon when we dropped Chloe off at her new home with Treasure and Donna.

It’s like putting three women together, Treasure later said to me on the phone.  One says she wants to be in charge and the others say “oh no you don’t”.  I know horses have to be able to work it out when they’re first put together.  And that’s just what Mick, Queenie and Chloe were doing.

Chloe took to her new situation easily.  She looked for the food, then walked around the pasture getting a feel for the place.  When one of the other horses came too close they made some noise, then Chloe moved on.    She got along easily with the two goats.

Donna’s horse, Sherman,  died about a month ago.  He was so old, Donna told me, he didn’t like to move a lot.  It’s good to have a pony in the pasture again, she said, looking at Chloe, a big smile on her face.  She already has a saddle for Chloe.

As we drove away, Chloe was eating one of the five piles of hay Treasure had scattered around the pasture.  Even though things weren’t completely worked out between the horses, to me it looked like Chloe belonged there.  It helps that Treasure and Donna are so happy to have her.

A combination of Socks and Izzy’s wool and the lighter wool is Griselle’s wool.

This morning, before Chloe left, we picked up my wool at Vermont Fiber Mill.  I was stunned by the colors.  I have four big bags of wool.   I combined Socks and Izzy’s wool, it’s a rich dark brown.   Suzy’s and Biddy’s combined makes  a light gray.   Griselle’s is  taupe.  I combined Rosemary’s, Liam’s and Kim’s white wool and have a big bag of that too.  I’ll be putting it up for sale on my blog this coming week.

Sewing potholders at House of Hearts.

I’m also working closely with Soma at House of Hearts.  Soon she’ll be shipping the potholders they made.  She’ll also send a sample of some totebags they’re working on that I may be selling too.  We’re  thinking about how to keep this going so the women at House of Hearts have an outlet to sell their work in America through my blog.

Also, on Friday I got a batch of my “Show Your Soul”  postcards printed up.   I’ll be putting them up for sale sometime this week too.

And last,  the movie, Beauty and The Beast was not what I expected.  Don’t know why it didn’t register that it wouldn’t be the dark story I was hoping for, after all, it is Disney.  So uninformed, I didn’t even know it was a musical.

But once I adjusted my expectations I was able to see it for what it was (a Disney musical) and enjoy it. (There was once scene that was reminiscent of “Fantasia”)  I did realize,  no matter which version of the story it is, I’m always disappointed at the end when the beast turns into a man.







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