Chloe And Queenie

Treasure sent us this picture of Chloe and Queenie eating together.  It’s still mud season, as you can see by the horse’s coats, but that blue sky and sunshine the a promise of a big green pasture in the near future.  Lots of good grazing to come.


4 thoughts on “Chloe And Queenie

  1. It’s funny about perspective. While you posted pictures of Chloe at Bedlam Farm it always seemed to me she was large for a pony. She certainly doesn’t look that way in this photo.

  2. Thanks for posting this Maria! Looks ok 🙂 Keep her photos coming! (if it feels ok to you) xoxo, Cindy

  3. Agreed with Celina, keep Chloe’s photos coming our way! I adore that feisty loving pony and would appreciate hearing how her life progresses. And yes, Jill, I agree that it is a stunning photo as Chloe is so much larger than life due to the vivid photos and writings of Jon and Maria that it seems strange to see her look so small next to Queenie!

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