Visiting Chloe

Jon And Queenie (and the goats)

We got out of the car and looked up the hillside, the grass starting to turn green.  The sun was shining, the sky blue with big billowy clouds.  Chloe was grazing, Queenie and Micky were standing next to her.

As we walked towards the gate, first Queenie then Micky then Chloe lazily headed down the hill.

There was a feeling of calm.  Of horses used to being together enjoying the warmth of the sun.

As usual, Chloe was more interested in grazing than me and Jon.  I walked over to her and asked for a kiss.  She lifted her head and I kissed her soft nose.  I pulled a piece of carrot out of my pocket.  After eating it, Chloe went back to grazing.

Queenie, who the last time I visited wouldn’t let me  get near Chloe, wasn’t interested in us at all.  She and Micky stood at the bottom of the hill taking in the sun.

I brushed Chloe, and it was as it had been at Bedlam Farm.  I felt the same energy between us.  She seemed completely at ease, content, at home in her surroundings.

It felt just right.

Then I looked down the hill and saw something else.  Jon was scratching and talking to Queenie.  They too, looked content and at home.  As I was brushing Chloe, Jon had made a connection with Queenie.  “She’s a sweetie” he said.

While Chloe continued to graze I brushed Queenie and Micky and gave them each a piece of carrot.   And I realized how right this was.  The wonderful new home for Chloe and I get to come and do with her what I love to do most.  Brush and comb her and spend time with her.  Also I get to do the same with Queenie and Micky.

Because even thought I don’t necessarily want to live with a horse, I still like being around them.  And this is one of the gifts that Chloe gave me.  Being able to experience that beautiful and atavistic connection between  people and horses.

We saw Donna, at the hardware store where she works, after visiting the horses.  She told me how her granddaughter loves to spend time with Chloe and give her hugs.  Donna said Chloe gets tons of cuddles because she’s a snuggle bug.

I don’t think this can get much better than this, for all of us.


2 thoughts on “Visiting Chloe

  1. “The horses have lots to teach me”.Those are your words on my lovely wall hanging you created. It is over the head of the bed. How right you are Maria. Wish I was with you today! I’m glad you’re feeling right with this. xoxxoxox, Cindy

  2. Thanks for sharing about your visit with Chloe.
    I’m glad to hear she has settled in comfortably.

    Bright Blessings,


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