Glass Artist, Cheryl Gutmaker At The Bedlam Farm Open House, June 10th and 11th

This June 10th and 11th in my School House Gallery at the Bedlam Farm Open House I’ll have 8 different artists showing their work.

New this year is glass artist Cheryl Gutmaker.  Cheryl has been working with glass for over 10 years, using flamework, fusing, glassblowing and cold assembly to make her functional art.   Color, shape and light inspire her creations.  As well as the science of working with glass in its liquid and solid state.

You can hear Cheryl talk about her art and watch her make it in the  video above.   This video is from the  PBS series A HA! A Home For The Arts, in which Cheryl and her work was featured.

Batik artist Carol Law Conklin introduced me to Cheryl.  I saw her work in a show at the Valley Artisan’s Market in Cambridge and  was awed by it.  Also, I knew if Carol recommended her, she’d be a good fit for the Open House.

Drawn to functional art, as I am, Cheryl’s glass art is the perfect fit for my gallery.  It’s original, unique, often elegant and sometimes playful.   And so finely crafted.

I’ve only met Cheryl a couple of times, but she’s also the kind of person I like to work with. Serious about her work, determined, with a kind heart.

You can see more of Cheryl’s work on her website The Ladies Got Glass here.

Fused Salad Bowl w/ Servers By Cheryl Gutmaker

2 thoughts on “Glass Artist, Cheryl Gutmaker At The Bedlam Farm Open House, June 10th and 11th

  1. So fascinating. I too have always been crazy about stained glass. I remember sitting in church and not listening to the pastor (sorry Jesus) but looking at the light and shapes coming thru the windows. Her work is just beautiful and she seems to be a very gentle soul. Many artists are until riled. Lol.

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