Chloe Giving Pony Rides

Nieces, nephews, neighbors and grandkids.  Treasure told me who all these kids are, getting a pony ride on Chloe, but I can’t remember who is who. They all look pretty happy though.

I do know that Chloe is  doing some of  the work she was born to do.

8 thoughts on “Chloe Giving Pony Rides

  1. Maria, I had a huge comment here. It disappeared. I,m tired and frustrated. I,ll try again tomorrow. 🙁

  2. Reminds me of my childhood on the farm–lots of animals around, including some horses. I have a photo of me with some cousins, there are 4 of us, very young, on a horse–I’m naked, only about a year old, my Mom is keeping me from falling off, as are Grandpa and my cousins. Lots of fun riding horses when you’re a kid.

  3. Hi Maria, I should have just deleted my silly message. It was Easter night, need I say more to you? Chloe is a sweetheart to carry even the tiniest of girls on her back. In the first picture Chloe is looking at the camera! I feel this environment is going to bring out all her best qualities. Like her patience and wanting to please her people and her gentleness. I think all of this is really good for her.I’m with you on this one. 🙂 Now, if we could just do something about the Holidays!

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