Making Art At The Mansion

Connie, Brother Pete, Jean and me at the Mansion today.  (That’s Diane in the back ground)

“I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler” Connie said to me.  Then she picked up a pencil and drew a stick figure one a piece of paper. I knew she was being the trouble maker that she is, but when Julie, the activities director, added her version of Red to the drawing, I had something to work with.

I placed the drawing beside my sewing machine and stitched it on my free motion machine, using red thread on an old linen napkin.

It was an idea that Julie and I  came up with for Arts Month at the Mansion.

The Mansion is the assisted living facility that Jon and Red so therapy work at.  I’ve become pretty familiar with many of the people who live there and am friends with Connie, who can usually be found knitting in her room.

So today I brought  my free motion sewing machine to the Activities Room.   As some of the residents made drawings, I stitched them on my sewing machine.

We made ten drawings today and next week I’ll go back and we’ll make them into small pillows.

I’ve become very comfortable at the Mansion and know many of the people who live there by name.  I completely enjoyed being there today.  Working with everyone and just being in their company.  Connie has a dry sense of humor that makes me feel comfortable.

Brother Pete explained in detail his religious drawing, and Jean made a simple heart.  Diane insisted that my version of her drawing was better than her drawing and Madeline couldn’t decide if she wanted to draw hearts or tombstones.

Peggy’s Drawing which she signed and gave to me and Jon.

Peggy made this drawing of a cat eating out of a cat food bag, which  I thought was terrific.

These are my interpretations of Ben’s  drawing of the squares and rectangles on the left.  Connie and Julie’s collaborative piece on the top right and Peggy’s cat on the bottom right.


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