Some Kind of Mojo

Necklace Jon bought for me today. It was made by Irene Berkson.

“You’re back!” Jon said to me this morning.  And he was right.  He could tell, even before I had a chance to think about how I was feeling, that I was feeling better.

Whatever happened yesterday had dissipated in the night.  I asked how he could tell, and he said it was because of the way I was talking.

I recognize this now as something that happens from time to time.  My going off into another place, leaving this reality for a while.  I do think it’s about a creative exertion that zaps my energy.

Later in the morning, Jon got back from running errands in town and told me to close my eyes.  It’s a welcome back present he told me.   I put up my usual protest, telling him not to buy me things, but when I looked at the necklace he hung around my neck, I stopped my nagging.

The figure  made from crushed aluminum, bottle caps, with a dolphin, shell and pottery shard, captured my attention, it held my spirit.  Some kind of mojo was happening here.  It felt like powerful stuff.

I didn’t want to hang it around my neck, I wanted to look at it.  But wearing it felt too good.

Now it feels like a ritual of sorts,  my going away and coming back.  And next time it happens,  I have the talisman to remind me of what’s going on and welcome be home.

The back of the figure


4 thoughts on “Some Kind of Mojo

  1. I read Jon’s post about this necklace this morning. I got teary-eyed! I read the post to Fred. It looks to me like the metallic pieces (from the back they look like arms and legs) are metal. Are they? I could not tell if they were like a metallic ribbon or something a little stiffer. It doesn’t really matter, no need to answer if it’s a pain, the point is it all works. 🙂

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