Walking in the Woods

When I walk in the woods with Fate, we always stop and visit with certain trees.  Now Fate knows which ones they are and she runs to them before I get there and waits for me.

This tree, with the scar that goes  from it’s roots to the top most branch, is one of them.

I always find something new in the woods too.   I love how the many ovals of this tree, drew me in, like an eye staring at me.  But as fascinated as I was, I didn’t stay too long.  I didn’t want to meet the spider who makes her home here.


3 thoughts on “Walking in the Woods

  1. Maria, I love to see the connections you make to things. This is in its truest sense what learning is all about. It should be a vaccine we inject all newborns. With booster shots! Thank you!

  2. I’ll admit to giving in once and using a long twig to “knock” at the door of a tunnel spider… and then shrieked and almost fell over when it dashed out. Now I just peer in from a distance like you 🙂

    1. Oh what an appropriate name for the spider Abrah. I didn’t know what kind of spider it was. But I’m sure I’d have had the same reaction as you.

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