Our Vacation To New Mexico

Now when I look at the donkeys, I think of New Mexico

I have been wanting to go to New Mexico with Jon since we got together.  It is one of my favorite places.

Over 15 years ago I lived in Taos  for about six months.  This was during my first marriage and at that time,  we traveled around the state and surrounding areas, so I know it pretty well.

But in the six months I was there, I never visited Georgia O’Keeffe’s home and studio at Ghost Ranch.

So when Jon and I started talking about taking a real vacation to New Mexico, that’s where I started.

Abiquiu, where Ghost Ranch is located, is close to almost all the other places I wanted to visit with Jon.  Santa Fe, Taos (my favorite museum there is the Blumenschein Museum although there a many other’s I like) and Bandelier National Monument.

But we don’t want to spend our whole vacation running from one place to another, so we’re not going to over book it.   We’ve found a great Inn to stay at in a small town close to Abiquiu where we can comfortably relax too.

This is the longest vacation that Jon and I will have ever taken together.  Somehow, even though we talked about it, it always ended up by us talking ourselves out of it, before it got started.

But not this time. I kept thinking, If I could go to India, surely, Jon and I can go to New Mexico.

So it’s set for October, a week after the Open House.  A nine day vacation in one of my favorite places.  And I have an idea  Jon will love it too.

We’re busy making reservations  and talking about the things we want to see  (Actually it’s mostly me telling Jon what I think he’ll want to see).  And part of the fun is that we have six months to be excited about it.





9 thoughts on “Our Vacation To New Mexico

  1. So happy you will be near Abiqui. My sister is married in to a family that originated in that area, so when they heard I was to visit NM in 2004, they insisted I see all that area, Ghost Ranch, etc. The driving there is so amazing. I loved Chimayo, too. I know it will be a life changing experience for you and Jon. So happy for you!

  2. You might want to visit the Valles Caldera or hike the nearby Las Conchas trail in the Jemez Mountains south of Los Alamos. The Jemez is a bit further south from where you will be staying. There’s a lovely mountain meadow with the East Fork of the Jemez flowing gently through it, and many wildflowers in the fall. I’ve been in NM since 1992 and have never been to Abiquiu, though the mystique of NM as a magnet for creatives like Georgia O’Keefe, Carl Jung and others was a factor when I decided to come here to do grad work in philosophy 25 years ago. I didn’t realize you had a NM connection. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I feel oppressed by the distances. You might want to check out the hot springs in Ojo Caliente. Santa Fe is about midway between here and Abiquiu. I live south of Jemez Springs. Feel free to call me if you will be in my vicinity, or want to meet up somewhere in the middle. You can message me for my phone number.

  3. I have never been to New Mexico. I heard the food is really good too. I would love to visit sometime. My dream would be to take the train there. I’m so excited for you. I can’t wait to see what you post. Your trip to India was fascinating. I’m sure New Mexico will be too. That is alot to look forward to. Fabulous!

  4. What a wonderful trip that will be. I just returned from 10 days in New Mexico, as it is my favourite place. I hiked at the Ghost Ranch, and stayed at the Abiqui Inn. That area is so beautiful, with the most open and loving people. I love the road to Taos, up the back road through the villages of Chimayo (great weavings!) and Truchas. I will look forward to following your trip, as it will be like reliving mine. I try to get down there every couple of years, to replenish my soul. I also made it over to Zuni, and then up to the Hopi mesas in Arizona, Such a rich culture, blending native North American with Hispanic and Anglo.
    And of course the Georgia Okeeffee connection with her home in Abiqui and her other home at Ghost Ranch, where you can see so many of her landscapes, such as her beloved Pedernal Mountain and Kitchen Mesa and Chimney Rock. You will have a grand time. In another life, I hope to have a little adobe home down there. I spent many past lives in this area, so am drawn to it over and over. I share your excitement!

  5. Maria, forgive me if this something you already know! but you have to make a reservation to see the Georgia O’Keeffe house and studio in Abiquiu. It is not open to the public like a museum. They only allow 10 or so people in at a time, accompanied by at least one docent, because the property is somewhat fragile and they’re afraid of being overrun. Best to reserve early, because it gets booked far in advance. But it is so worth the trouble.

  6. Dear Maria, How tremendously EXCITING!! I’m so glad that you and Jon are planning and taking this vacation!! New Mexico in October should be so great in weather and scenery, just when ours is seriously winding down. I know you could love and enjoy each other in a town DUMP! But how great that you will be celebrating your loving relationship in a beautiful place. Annie

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